The Vereinigte Bund, (United Federation) abbreviated VB and colloquially referred to as the Bund or simply the Anarchists is a Greater Hulstrian Parliamentary Anarchist Party, founded in an unprecedented decision by the Anarchists of Hulstria to engage with the state apparatus, a decision almost universally condemn among global Anarchists, and saw the Bund's delegates expelled from the 9th International. Formerly being a loose solidarity network of Militant and other Anarchist resistance groups, after the collapse of the National Bolshevist regime the 27th Anarchist conference of Hulstria and Gao-Soto made the decision to suspend the National campaign of resistance to the state and to engage with the new Septemberist movement in government, a decision approved by approximately 87% of delegates. The rest withdrew from the conference in disgust, and continuing with the resistance campaign, though for the most part violence was only to be accepted in self defense, something state authorities went out of their way to avoid.  

Forming up what could be described as the hard left in Hulstrian politics. The party has a membership of around 500,000, many of whom are exiles from across the globe, and there is an especially large number of such among the parties prominent members, one of whom is the groups unofficial leader, Emma Goldman, who's efforts hold the diverse membership of the party together.

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