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Veritan Catholic Church
Leader (defunct)
Founded c.2300
Headquarters Veritas
Nation Kirlawa
Political Ideology Catholic Theocracy
Political Position Right
Primary International Affiliation unkown
Secondary International Affiliations unknown
Colours ffff00
Website defunct

The Veritan Catholic Church entered Kirlawan politics in the early 24th century. The main objective was to obtain an autonomus region around Veritas which the Church could run as a theocracy. This was contrary to Kirlawa's history of centralisation and secularism, and so there was much conflict.

The rise of the VCC was a major factor in the emergence of a protestant party in Kirlawa, the Reformed Political Party, which was founded after the VCC had made quick electoral gains.

The VCC left the political stage in 2332, preferring to concentrate on internal affairs. However, this was not without major implications, as many VCC voters supported the Kirlawan Far Right National Fascist Front in the 2333 elections which led to Peter Lucas becoming Curator Pacis. Lucas launched a coup d'etat which resulted in the Kirlawan Civil War (2333-36).