Province of Kordusia

Duchy of Greater Kordusia

Map of Kordusia
Country Dorvik
Regional capital Vilnau
  Governing body Kordusian Provincial Council
  Oberpräsident TEST
  Ruling party(s) SNP
Area 229,200 km²
Population 8,473,223

Lirona (Skjöldunga: Vesturland) is the southern most federation of Telamon. The majority of the federation's population lives along the west coast where ample trade with the northern coast of Artania and the rest of Makon provides many jobs. Most of the rest of the population live in the mining towns of the Lironese Mountain Range near the border with Hutori.

Economically, Lirona is Telamon's poorest province, and this is reflected in its politics. Although socially a generally left-wing state, it has usually endorsed candidates of the far-right which oppose laissez-faire economics. It is a heavily socialistic state, and has been generally seen as the battleground between the Telamon National Party and the Rightful Radical Party.

Geography Edit

Lirona, being the poorest region, its cities are not as developed as in the rest of cities in Telamon. There's an exception, thought, Mari is the only wealthy city in Lirona, while the rest are really poor. Especially Adasevscia, a city that seems to be in ruins because of the poverty. The Amon river connects Lirona with Sevescia to form the Yutori Delta. The Lironese Mountain Range is located at the north of Lirona, being considered the highest mountain of Telamon, where different resources are imported from there. The poverty is due to the lack of resources left there. The Fátækur river, meaning poor river, comes from the Lironese Mountain Range and is also connected with the Amon river, forming a lake at the south-west.

Cities of Lirona Edit

Name in Luthorian Name in Skjöldunga Description
v c x

Photographies Edit

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