Virtuous Kyo Alliance
Dodeogjoeg Kyo Jehyu
Chairman Seong Park
Position Centre-Right
Ideology Communitarianism
Founded December 3419
International Affiliation n/a
Headquarters Iglesia Mayor, Ulbrach
Nation Dranland
Seats in Parliament
4 / 250
Website www.vka.dr

The Virtuous Kyo Alliance (Kyo: Dodeogjoeg Kyo Jehyu; Esp: Alianza Kyo Virtuoso; Wel: Cynghrair Rhinweddol Kyo; Abbr: VKA) is a conservative communitarian political party in the Republic of Dranland. The party at its core focuses on the issues surrounding the Kyo community, however it tries to expand its message to all citizens of Dranland.

History Edit

Founding Edit

The Virtuous Kyo Alliance was founded in December 3409 by Kenji Keido as an organization to bring attention to the overlooked Kyo ethnic group. In its first election in 3412 the party saw favorable results, with Keido winning over 750,000 (~1%) votes for president. The VKA also received two seats in parliament, which became held by Seong Park and Margaret Chen.

Despite being the smallest political party, the VKA became very vocal in national politics. The VKA was extremely active in lobbying for the Dranish government to intervene and offer assistance to the resistance movements opposing the North Dovani Union dictatorship over Hulstria & Gao-Soto.

The Kyung Coup Edit

In 3417, following the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Margaret Woodhall, radicalism began to steadily increase in Dranland, specifically in Valdor. Extremist supporters of the VKA began to organize and soon established their own organization, the Enlightened Kyo Patriotic Front (Kkaedal-eun Kyo Aegug Jeonseon, KKAJ), in 3419. Leading the KKAJ was Keido Kyung, the son of Kenji Keido.

Later that year the central headquarters of the VKA, located in Iglesia Mayor, was completely destroyed by arsonists. This incident caused a huge blow to the party's organization and abilities. Blame was made by the KKAJ against agents of the GNP government and the Welsh, but theories suggest KKAJ youth were responsible.

In 3420, a few months prior to elections, party chairman Kenji Keido was assassinated at a campaign rally. Again the KKAJ blamed governments, and "whites" in general, for the incident. While the shooter was white, it is widely believed to have been a mercenary hired by the KKAJ. Soon after the shooting Keido Kyung declared himself chairman of the VKA, much to the dislike of the remaining VKA leadership.

Ultimately Kyung and the KKAJ prevailed in the leadership dispute and won over control of the VKA from its original administration. While having not consolidated control when the 3420 elections occurred, the radicalized VKA won four seats in parliament. Technically the party won six, however right after the elections two members, Seong Park and Margaret Chen renounced their VKA affiliations and became independents. Park and Chen would become active in lobbying for the banning of the VKA. They also sought to wrangle back control of the VKA from the KKAJ radicals.

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