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Vladimir Ivanovich Ilyanov

In office
2596 – Present
Preceded by
None (new party)
Succeeded by

Chairman of the Council of Peoples' Commissars of the UKSR
In office
2607 – Present
Preceded by
Natalie Kameneva
(as Chairman of the Trigunian Council of Peoples' Commissars)
Succeeded by

February 19, 2537
Political party
Maria Ilyanova

Vladimir Ilyanov is the General Secretary of the KCCP. Ilyanov was born on March 22, 2535 in Port Martin, Yulrath, Trigunia. His family was poor, and he could not afford higher education, so he became a common laborer, working at a coal mine in eastern Yulrath. Ilyanov organized the workers there into a trade union, which later formed the base of the first Trigunian KCCP committee. At the first Party Congress of the KCCP, he was unanimously elected as General Secretary.

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