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Vopisca Bruccia Silvana

Assumed office 
August 11, 3852
Preceded by

Ustulan Virgin
In office
March 9, 3817 – October 16, 3847

September 13, 3811
Alma Mater
Academia Theologica Assedonensis
Ustulan virgin, Pontiff

Vopisca Bruccia Silvana (born 3811) is the current Pontifex Maxima, the president of the College of Pontiffs of Religio Seluciana and thus the leader of Selucian Paganism. Silvana is the first woman elected to that office after the College decided to allow females to become pontiffs. Previously she served as Ustulan Virgin, one of the priestesses of goddess Ustula, being appointed to that office when she was six and serving the mandated 30 years.

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