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Valruzian State Railway
Walruzyjskie Koleje Państwowe
Legal Basis Establishment of the Valruzian State Railway Act
Founded May 20, 4247
Industry Rail Transport
Products Rail Transport, Cargo Transit, Services
Owners Government of Valruzia (100%)
Slogan With Us Through Valruzia
Key People TBA
Destinations Valruzia
Employees 22.000
Website www.wkp.wr

Walruzyjskie Koleje Państwowe S.A. (Luthorian: Valruzian State Railways; Dundorfian: Walruzienische Staatsbahnen) commonly known as the WKP is the state owned railway operator in the Republic of Valruzia. The State Treasury of the Republic of Valruzia, represented by the Ministry of Infrastrcuture and Transport, is, by law, the only stakeholder of the company.

Next to Enerwal it is one of the biggest property owners in Valruzia. It is the owner of all railroads in the country as well as all railway stations and railway infrastructure.

Due to the fact that Valruzia ratified a treaty establishing North Seleyan Train Operating Company, the WKP is involved in the international railway operations together with railway operators from Baltusia, Lodamun and Gaduridos.


WKP Valruzian State Railway uses relatively small railroad infrastructure of just 39.000 kilometers in a standard 1,435 track gauge. After its establishment in 4247, WKP became the owner of the infrastructure and entire rolling stock in Valruzia. At its beginnings, the company had to face infrastructural problems with relatively old rolling stock and poor condition of the infrastructure. In 4251 the WKP retired and sold a third of its rolling stock due to the decrease in passengers using the company's services. In 4261, WKP was one of the first companies to receive subsidies for investments from the National Economic Fund. Having received a subsidy of 250 million pesos, the WKP could modernize its fleet and repair the most crucial routes. In 4265 a route between Szary Kamien and southernmost valruzo-baltusian border was completed, becoming the first fully transnational route and connecting most important centers in Valruzia:Szary Kamien - Nowogard - Brzansk - Pastarnia and continuing to Baltusia. The increase in the passenger usage allowed for limiting the subsidies of the NEF to just 120 million annually which has been spent entirely on investments.

High-Speed Rail in Valruzia[]

The WKP Valruzian State Network intends to establish two routes serviced by high-speed trains with speeds exceeding 300 km/h. The routes are: Szary Kamien - Baltusia and Gryfitow - Bawierzow. On August 29th, 4306 the WKP and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport signed a preliminary agreement with the Xiandai Group from Indrala, for the delivery of 21 electric multiple units - XR200A which will exceed the speed of 330 km/h. The WKP has also shown interest in purchasing XR400A - developed version of XR200A - which is capable of exceeding 350 km/h.

Apart from that the WKP closely cooperates with Walmaglew which is a valruzian consortium aimed at development and production of magnetic levitation trains for the busiest routes which are: Nowogard - Brzansk, Gryfitow - Brzansk and Nowogard - Grfitow.

Rolling Stock[]

Rolling Stock of the WKP Valruzian State Railways
Image Name Numbers in Use Passenger Capacity Top Speed Notes
MMZT-E01 Maria (Marry)
Seating Places - 644
Standing Places - 132
Max. Design Speed: 190 km/h
Operational Speed:
160 km/h
E01 Maria is the basic train operated by WKP and used most widely on medium and long-haul routes. WKP uses a verion of the unit with 8 carriages. All trains were produced in Jeziorne Sady in the North Valruzia Works facotry (NoVaVo S.A.).
MMZT-E02 Anna (Anne)
Seating Places - 630
Standing Places - 120
Max. Design Speed: 190 km/h
Operational Speed:
160 km/h
E-02 Anna is a developed version of E-01 Maria. It shares a lot of compnoents with the E-01, inter alia, the drivetrain. The significant difference from the E-01 is a new active susspension and an improved, active tilt mechanism. WKP uses two versions, with 8 or 6 carriages.
Pesa-dart 27913474.jpg
Seating Places - 440
Standing Places - 100
Max. Design Speed: ~260 km/h
Operational Speed:
220 km/h
SPP VIXEN is a project developped by North Valruzia Works in cooperations with istalian Leonardi Industrial Group. It was supposed to be a replacement for E-01 but due to the heavy modernization of E-01 this idea has been dropped and the number of for the nee unit limited. It now serves short and medium-haul routes mainly in the western part of the country.
Cac movie 08 pho.jpg
Xiandai Group's
Seating Places - 440
Standing Places - 120
Max. Design Speed: 350 km/h
Operational Speed:
330 km/h
XR200A is a train entirely designet and manfactured by the Xiandai Group in Indrala. WKP initialy declared will of purchasing the trains in January 4306. On August 29, 4206 the WKP and Xiandai Group signed a deal for 21 EMU's to enter the rolling stock of valruzian railways in January 4307.