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Walatom S.A.
Type Public
Industry Nuclear Energy
Founded February 4256
Headquarters Nowogard, Valruzia
Key people TBA
Products Nuclear Energy
Services Production and Distribution of Nuclear Energy; Development of Nuclear Facilities
Revenue VPO$241.43 billion (4256)
Net income VPO$33.45 billion (4256)
Owners Government of Valruzia (100%)
Subsidiaries Energia (12.5%)
Employees 45,700

Nuclear Power Plants in Valruzia

Walatom S.A. (abbreviaton of Walruzyjski Atom - Valruzian Atom) is a state-owned enterprize in the Republic of Valruzia responsible for production of nuclear energy, maintanence and operation of all nuclear reactors in the country. It is one of the strategic companies of the Valruzian State Treasury. Walatom S.A. operates 15 nuclear power plants across Valruzia and several research facilities with research nuclears. Despite company leadership's intention to export its services abroad, the council of ministers refuses to allow for broadening the Walatom's operations. 


Walatom S.A. came into existence in February 4256 after nationalization of serveral private power generating companies and their unification with a former National Department of Nuclear Energy Production (Narodowy Departament Produkcji Energi Atomowej).

The Company had to face numerous problems at the begining of its operation. Many plants were underfunded, therfore causing danger for the energetic security of Valruzia.

Today Walatom is one of several state-owned companies reciving subsidies from the National Economic Fund. Next to WKN Volantis it is one of the biggest benneficiaries of the Fund, with anual subsidies of approximately 19 billion valruzian pesos.


Walatom is responsible for operation of 15 nuclear power plants and construction of 5 new power plants, as well as several research facilities with research and experimental nuclear reactors. In total, Walatom is in control of over 100 nuclear reactors.

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