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Walter Lüth

In office
15.05.3361 – 05.05.3364
Preceded by
Vladimir Tradinsky
Succeeded by

2nd Leader of People's Community
Assumed office 
Preceded by

Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly
In office since
Preceded by

Political party
People's Community (3354–present)
Tarja Lüth, born Katainen
Sarja Lüth
Otto Lüth
Alma Mater
University of Kommenovsk


Walter Lüth grew up in Kommenovsk and was a part-time teacher and he became a member of the Kommenovsk municipal council in 3351. He was elected member of the Supreme People's Assembly in 3354, served as the vice-chairman of his party since 3355, becoming its leader in 3357.

In May 3361, he was elected Leader of the Commonwealth for a three-year term.

Leader of the CommonwealthEdit

In May 3361, he was elected Leader of the Commonwealth. During his reign, Trigunia's economy has emerged from a protracted crisis, was completed demilitarization. He made ​​reforms in education and government.

Chairman of the Supreme People's AssemblyEdit

On 7 May 3364 Walter Lüth was nominated by Leader Mikko Lahtinen to the office of Chairman of the Supreme People's Assembly. On 8 May 3364 Lüth's nomination to the office of Chairman was approved by the Supreme People's Assembly .

Personal lifeEdit

He is married to Tarja Lüth and has 2 children.

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