Wantuni is the region of south, a host to Kalopia's agricultural production. Along its coastline you can find plenty of river deltas, swamps, fields, tropical forests; all blend in a wonderful result.

Wantuni's beaches are amongst the best in the world and while there hasn't been great development on the tourist section, as Al-Najd is described as an isolated region, it attracts a great deal of tourists, who marvel the exotic air of this heavenly landscape.

In summary, Wantuni is distinguished for its tropical air, agricultural production and tourist attracting sea resorts and beaches. In the past, the province was called "Al-Najd". It is sometimes still referenced as Al-Najd and not Wantuni.

Name and Etymology Edit

  • Najd, meaning "highland", is a poetic term for the nation used by Majatrans since the Ahmadi Caliphate, referring to the nation's hilly terrain, and it is used to refer to the nation especially when it is under Wantuni rule. More narrowly the term refers to the nation's southernmost province, and it is also occasionally used to refer to all regions inhabited by ethnic Wantunis (who refer to themselves as Najdīyūn, "highlanders").


Wantuni borders both Deltaria and Jakania to the West and Solentia to the East. There have been numerous immigrant problems with Deltaria, (and that is how Al-Najd came to house the nation's majority of workers), however, after the early 31st century those where resolved. Wantuni's sea is very confusing. Some people sayWantuni waters are from the Majatran Sea (South Ocean), others say it is from the Lievenian Sea (White Ocean) and a minority says that it is part of the Sea of Lost Souls (South Ocean).

To the Northwest, Al-Najd comes to border Siphina, to the immediate north Sessold, Kalopia's center region, and to the northeast, Mossavi.

Also, Wantuni provides 'shelter' to the inactive volcano called Kondilos, which has caused no problems since its last rupture in 2145, according to some documents from Kalistan, or in 2450, according to several leftovers of old Wantuni tales (before the creation of Kalopia).

Cities Edit

There are four cities inside Al-Najd:


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