War of the Hulstrian Succession

Painting of the Siege of Phonix

Date 1733-1735
Location Hulstrian Empire
Rothingren TraugottField Marshall Goerge von Kutowsky
Ph 0512 habsburg eagleGeneral Volkmar von Strauss
Rothingren TraugottGeneral Philip Hanspeter
Rothingren TraugottGeneral Henrik Lothar
Rothingren TraugottColonel Bernard Matthias
LehwaldtCoatofArmsMajor Ferdinand von Lehwaldt
Rothingren TraugottHenrietta I of Hulstria
Luthori3Maximilian II of Luthori
BrandelfurgCoatofArmsKarl, Duke of Brandelfurg
BrandelfurgCoatofArmsGeneral Armin Neisse
BorboneCoatofArmsGeneral René Étienne
BrandelfurgCoatofArmsMajor Marius Ebderhardt
OscaniaCoatofArmsHansjurgen, Margrave of Oscania
Joseph, Duke of Moravia
Brigadier Ludwig Jan-Lukas
House of Kutowsky
House of Strauss
House of Lehwaldt
House of Rothingren
Agathionian Dynasty
House of Brandelfurg
House of Borbone
House of Oscania
House of Moravia
House of Veit
Notable Battles & Campaigns
  • Siege of Phonix
  • Battle of River Pass
  • Conquest of Northern Mitrania
  • Neisse Campaign
  • Barrier Range Offensive
  • Battle of Fort Hamboldt
  • Battle of Russburg
  • Battle of Hill Point
  • Kutowsky Offensive
  • Siege of Fort Karienberg

The War of the Hulstrian Succession was a conflict between the House of Rothingren under Henrietta I and the House of Brandelfurg under Karl, Duke of Brandelfurg, along with their respective allies, following the death of Maximilian I of Hulstria, and Henrietta, Maximilian's daughter and only child, accession to the Hulstrian throne in 1732. Maximilian I issued a decree before his death that allowed his daughter and only child, Henrietta, to suceed him as monarch, ensuring the continuation of Rothingren rule, Many within the noble circles had held their tounge on their displeasure about the decree, fearing a crackdown from Maxmilian, but after his death they waged a campaign, led by the Duke of Brandelfurg, to discredit the new Empress. The Duke later organized a rebellion against Henrietta, hoping to crown himself Emperor, starting the conflict. Karl von Brandelfurg would go on to be defeated by the tactiful Empress Henrietta, ending his chances of overthrowing her. The War of the Hulstrian Succession resulted in several important events that would shape the future of the Hulstrian nation. The defeat of the Rothingren enemies soldified a united Hulstrian Empire and as well gave new legitimacy to Henrietta who was never challenged again during the rest of her reign. Henrietta I remains the first and only female monarch in the History of Greater Hulstria. The fallout of the succession war also led to the formation of the House of Rothingren-Traugott as a result of the marriage between Henrietta I and Balthazar, the head of the House of Traugott.

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Geography Dovani, Great North Dovani Plain, Schnee-Berge Mountains
Demographics Gao-Showa, Gao-Showa Clans, Hulstrian, Kunihito, Kunikata, Hulstro-Showans, Hulstro-Mikun, Draddwyr
Culture National Anthems: Land of our Fathers, The Call of Hulstria, For all eternity, For the Monarchy, The Revolution ne'er can yield, Golden Empire
Religion Daenism, Hosianism, Jienism, Orinco Polytheism, Kamism
Administrative Divisions Empire of Hulstria: Budenlar: Labsburg | Hulstria: Kien | Kuratha: Marchau
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Primary Noble Houses: House of Flieder, Okatori Clan, House of Strauss, House of Rothingren
Palaces: Fliederbrunn Palace, Phönixstein Castle
People Gao Showa: Meiji Hideaki, Meiji Takara, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Tokuro Tanemoto, Naoki Tsukuda, Akemi Tanemoto-Katsutoshi, Tokugawa Jiang, Gao-Ri Juro, Haruhi Suzumiya, Hayato Tarou, Okatori Takahiro, Okatori Kurosawa
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