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War of the Two Kaisers
Part of the South Ocean War
Damaged Ship.jpg
Trigunia's missile cruiser VKP Galantnyĭ hit by anti-ship missile launched by Kazulian naval air forces.
Date 3171 - Ongoing
Location Dove Sea, Dovani
Result Ongoing
Hulstrian Phoenix Flag.png Greater Hulstria
Trigunia Bear 2.PNG Trigunia
KazuliaFlag.png Kazulia
Hulstrian Phoenix Flag.png Franz VII
Hulstrian Phoenix Flag.png Waldemar von Klauendorf
Hulstrian Phoenix Flag.png Philip Roderick
Trigunia Bear 2.PNG Vira Lukyanenko
Trigunia Bear 2.PNG Pavel Golovin
KazuliaFlag.png Nikolai II
KazuliaFlag.png Anders Norge

The War of the Two Kaisers is an ongoing naval conflict fought mainly between the Great Princedom & Tsardom of Trigunia and the Kingdom of Kazulia as a secondary theatre to the larger South Ocean War. The War of the Two Kaisers was born out of the Likaton-Kalopian Crisis and was fought to protect spheres of influence and vital shipping lanes of northeastern Terra, particularly around the Dove Sea, the northern and western coasts of the continent of Dovani.



-Likatonia and Kafuristan begin their war

-Kazulia stands with its ally and declares war on Hulstria, Kafuristan and Trigunia.

-Hulstrian response is focused on Kafuristan, leaving Trigunia to fight Kazulia mostly alone; some minor land clashes between Hulstrian and Kazulian border, most limited & half-hearted as mutual wariness & fear between the two nations limits desire for confllict

- Kazulia's navy is desperately needed, plans to bring together fleet with allies' to create one large combined fleet; Trigunia's task is to prevent this

-Keeping to form, Trigunia leads several offensive amphibious assaults on Kazulian shore installations and minor territorial islands to tie up Kazulian navy and prevent them from linking naval forces with their allies, also to create springboard for a larger invasion of Kazulia; meeting limited success in operations

-Large scale clashes of the navies of Kazulia and Trigunia take place in Dove Sea and off coast of Dranland

-Trigunia, stretched and unable to fight battles on two fronts begins tactical retreat to its homeland, mining large areas of Dove Sea between Keris and Dovani, unknown to the Kazulians.

-Kazulia unaware, chases the retreating Trigunian's and falls into their trap which causes much damage to the Kazulian navy.

-The exhausted navies of Kazulia and Trigunia clash for the last time in outside mouth of the Straits of Trigunia off Trigunia's eastern coast allowing for a Kazulian Pyrrhic victory over the Trigunians.

- Stalemate as Trigunia & Kazulia both too weak to continue the war but too strong to conquer


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