The We Say So! Party is the oldest party still operating in Hobrazia.

History Edit

The History of the We Say So! Party starts in 2030 in the University of Astoria, Astoria City Stormridge. At this point Hobrazia was beginning its final stages to become a representative democratic Republic and so political interest was increasing. During the summer of 2030 a demonstration in the University grounds began a campaign to introduce a more 'socialist' direction for the upcoming Republic. It was during this demonstration that Frederick 'Ingit, the founder of The Party was to meet Alan B'stard, later to become the most famous Party Majester and Chancellor of Hobrazia. Working in a small flat throughout those intervening years The Party grew in popularity and finally, in 2035, just prior to the Republics first public elections, the We Say So! Party came into existence. Sadly, just prior to the elections, the Party founder, Frederick 'Ingit, was found dead in his study. It is still unclear what the exact cause of death was, the police leaving the investigation as "suspicious".

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