Weiss I Cabinet
1st cabinet of Marc Weiss
Marc Weiß
Marc Weiss
Date formedFebruary 4735
Date dissolvedMarch 4738
People and organisations
PresidentGeorge A. Morgan
Prime MinisterMarc Weiss
No. of ministers13
Member partiesSD, SWP + Lab
Status in legislatureMinority Government
Opposition partiesNULP, CRP
Election(s)March 4734
Outgoing electionMarch 4737
Legislature term(s)7th Senate of Likatonia
PredecessorBaker Cabinet
SuccessorWeiss II Cabinet

The First Cabinet of Marc Weiss was the government of Likatonia from 4735 to 4738. The cabinet is composed of the Social Democrats and the Socialist Workers Party. The Presidential Office was held by George A. Morgan from the NULP. The cabinet got into government with Labour Party support.


41 / 100
As Caretaker GovernmentEdit
44 / 100

History and Program Edit

This government had three goals:

Giving more rights to the workers

Continue with progressive policy

Minimising influence of church

Most of these laws were already passed so this government mainly kept what was already set in place.

In the end only three laws would be proposed by the government and one of them wasn't even passed. This was the church reform which was voted against by Labour. It would have banned foreign missionaries, not permitting religious clothes and symbols and restricting teacher lead prayer.

The other two laws were budgets. Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Finance, Justice, Infrastructure and Environment got increases in spending whilst defence money was removed. The sales tax on essential goods was lowered but raised on luxury goods, as well as a new tax system lowering taxes for the poor and raising for the rich.

Many other parties tried to pass laws but most of these failed.

Composition Edit

Office Occupant Party
President of Likatonia George A. Morgan National Union for Likatonian Prosperity

Position Minister Party
Prime Minister

of Likatonia

Marc Weiss Social Democrats
Ministry of Foreign


Polina Paterson Social Democrats
Ministry of Internal


Tammy Walters Sociaist Workers Party
Ministry of Finance Amari Dirksen Social Democrats
Ministry of Defence Donna Rodriguez Sociaist Workers Party
Ministry of Justice Ismahel Rimmer Social Democrats
Ministry of Infrastructure 

and Transport

Terry Arnold Sociaist Workers Party
Ministry of Health 

and Social Services

Marianne Dodd Sociaist Workers Party
Ministry of Education

and Culture

Ņina Muraro Social Democrats
Ministry of Science 

and Technology

Placida Keefe Social Democrats
Ministry of Food

and Agriculture

Kayla Myers Sociaist Workers Party
Ministry of Environment

and Tourism

Arethusa Knopf Social Democrats
Ministry of Trade 

and Industry

Cliff Zupan Social Democrats
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