HQ Of the World Congress

Whale Island sometimes known as the Peace Island is located off of the coast of Temania and currently serves as the headquarters of the World Congress. Whale Island is aptly named due to it's uncanny shape of a whale. Whale Island has been home to several world institutions such as the Collective Security and Cooperation Organization, the Terran Union and other failed attempts at world institutions.

Whale Island has played a pivotal role in Terran history.


Whale Island was suspiciously absent of a native population and has a temperate climate and is relatively free from natural disasters. Whale Island has served as the home to many peace conferences, peace accords and is the site of many international governmental agencies.

Government and politicsEdit

Due to the presence of many different countries residents, the World Congress appoints the High Representative For Whale Island which is done by the Secretary-General of the World Congress, the President of the General Assembly and the President of the Security Council. The High Representative for Whale Island is then charged with appointing their administration.

Whale Island is protected by the Whale Island Security Force which the High Representative appoints a Commissioner for. The Whale Island Security Force is a multi-national police force which protects and patrols all areas of Whale Island.

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