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Wolf's Guard


Leader Thomas Armbrüster
Founded 3489
Dissolved Active
Headquarters Karlsborn, Grozvic
Nation Dundorf
Ideology Autocracy, Revolutionary
Political Position Right
International Affiliations N/A
Colours Black, White, Violet
The Wolf's Guard (Dun. Wolfsgarde) is the primary paramilitary force of the Imperial National Party of Dundorf.


Parademarsch der Wolf's Legion

Parademarsch der Wolf's Legion

The organizations was first founded in 3489, during the so-called "Orange-Black Year". At the time, the organizations primary purpose was to aid the MFD and the DNVP in searching for, and getting rid of, the socialists plaguing the nation. However, a swift socialist victory in the Reichstag put an end to that conflict before the Wolfsgarde could be deployed.

Since then, the Wolfsgarde has served as the primary paramilitary, youth and student wings of the Imperial National Party. During the Civil War of 3498-3503, they made up the bulk of the Dundorfian Republican Army.

Since the civil war, the Wolfsgarde has seen inflated recruitment numbers, reaching a zenith of a half-million men. The Party has started using the Wolfsgarde as a tool for involvement in other states, as evidenced by their involvement in the Selucian Civil War.


Leadership of the Wolfsgarde
Leader From To
Ruprecht Alphonsus 3489 3497
Felix Denikin 3497 3503
Ludwig Koenigsmann 3503


Thomas Armbruster 3655 ---


3489 - Limited involvement in the attempted coup by the Monarchists and DNVP

3498-3503 - Made up the bulk of the Dundorfian Republican Army in the war against the Dundorfian socialist government

3508 - Involvement in the Selucian Civil War

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