City of Wolfsheim


View of Wolfsheim
Country Ostland
Region Wolfsheim
Government Appointed city council
  Governing body Wolfsheim Senate
  Lord Mayor Rainer Schnitzler
  Ruling party(s) VDKV PLC
Area City - 401 km2 (155 sq mi)
Metro - 9,731 km2 (3,757 sq mi)
Population ~7m

Wolfsheim is the capital of Ostland and one of the largest cities on the continent of Dovani. It is widely considered to be one of the largest, most important cities on the continent that has struggled with war and colonialism for a large majority of its history. Alderhafen is the home to one of the largest ports in Dovani and the eastern portion of the world. Known as the Port of Alderhafen or the Port of Wolfsheim, it is a considerable economic and political location, it is in the Sea of Carina.

Government and politicsEdit

The Wolfsheim Senate (Dundorfian: Senat) is presided over by the Lord Mayor of Wolfsheim (Dundorfian: Oberbürgermeister). The Wolfsheim Senate has 50 members, all of which are appointed directly the Grand Duke of Ostland. The Lord Mayor is no different, they are likewise appointed by the Grand Duke.

Wolfsheim is divided into 10 boroughs, they are as follows: Alderhafen, Bluweil, Rankfeld, Ummermölsen, Naumding, Bischofnach, Rheihausen, Ebreichben, Troein and Küsbach. Each of these boroughs has an elected Mayor (who automatically becomes a member of the Wolfsheim Senate) and 4 other elected officials to the Wolfsheim Senate.


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