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Workers' National Front - Logo (English).PNG

French: Front National des Travailleurs

Leader: Roxane Magali Dubois /WORK/

Workers' National Front - Logo (French).PNG

1st Vice-leader: Simone Travere /WORK/

2nd Vice-leader: Scholastique De La Fontaine /WMSJ/

3rd Vice-leader: Kilian Sauvageau /NPP/

State: United Canrillan States of Lourenne

Founded: 11th of October 4340

Place: Valois (in Carolleux)

Number of members: 17,209 (November 4346)

Newspaper: Workers' News

Ideologies: Nationalism, National conservatism, National socialism, Fascism

Youth Wing: Young Workers

Student Wing: Workers' Caucus

Social Position: Extremely Right Wing

Economic Position: Very Left Wing

Abbreviation: WNF (in French: FNT)

Color: Dark Red (#9e0101)

Spokesman: Anatole Fabien /WORK/

Seats: 197/400

Elections: 3

Month Votes Total Votes Votes (%) Votes (%) (+) Seats Total Seats Seats (%) Seats (+)
December 4342 19,610,614 51,768,563 37.88 +37.88 151 400 37.75 +151
May 4344 23,402,499 48,032,716 48.72 +10.84 195 400 48.75 +44
September 4346 23,455,992 47,582,740 49.30 +0.57 197 400 49.25 +2

Party organizations: 7

  • International Labour Movement
  • International Worker's Alliance
  • The New Worker League
  • International Workers Unite
  • Anti-LGBTQ Organization
  • WORKERS Union
  • International Workers' Coalition (IWC)

Proposed bills:

  • Workers' Reforms 4340
  • Workers' Reforms 4341
  • Workers' Ecology Reforms
  • Workers' Reforms 4342
  • Workers' Reforms 4343
  • Workers' National Reforms 4343
  • Workers' Reforms 4344
  • Workers' Reforms 4346


Candidate for the office of President Kilian Sauvageau /NPP/ (or supporting PDPM)
Candidate for the Head of Government Roxane Magali Dubois /WORK/
Candidate for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Simone Travere /WORK/
Candidate for the Minister of Internal Affairs Alphonsine Coste /WMSJ/
Candidate for the Minister of Finance Scholastique De La Fontaine /WMSJ/
Candidate for the Minister of Defence Pascal Thayer /WORK/
Candidate for the Minister of Justice Constant Caron /NPP/
Candidate for the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport David Renaud /NPP/
Candidate for the Minister of Health and Social Services Gérald Martel /WORK/
Candidate for the Minister of Education and Culture Noella Lécuyer /NPP/
Candidate for the Minister of Science and Technology Anne Bonnay /WMSJ/
Candidate for the Minister of Food and Agriculture Wanda Chastain /None/
Candidate for the Minister of Enviroment and Tourism Rodolph Anthelme Lachapelle /None/
Candidate for the Minister of Trade and Industry Isaure Bellamy /NPP/


Governors: 2/5

Candidate for governor of Louives: Marc Samuel /WORK/ (59,27%)

Candidate for governor of Luçande: Olivier Pascal /NPP/ (51,34%)

Candidate for governor of Carolleux: Matthias Travers /WMSJ/ (41,35%)

Candidate for governor of Jôviant: Frédéric Bonnay /WMSJ/ (49,18%)

Candidate for governor of Outannais: Bernard Leroy /None/ (45,42%)

Associated movements:

The Workers' National Front /WNF/ was created by three workers' movements that joined and formed this party. These movements are:

  1. Revolutionary Workers' Initiative /WORK/
  2. Workers' Movement for Social Justice /WMSJ/
  3. National People's Party /NPP/

Parties in government:

Parti Libéral Lourennais (203 seats) + Front National des Travailleurs (197 seats) - 400/400 seats

Last elections results:


Elections in Lourenne - September 4346.PNG
Elections in Lourenne - September 4346 - seats.PNG
Elections in Lourenne - September 4346 - Counting of votes.PNG