Xander Fletcher is a luthorian politician who one of the founding members of the Left for Progress Party. He work as a communication expert for the LP, he is the party's Communication Director.

From August, 4729 he is the temporary Supreme Second-delegate of the Progress. (This means that he is the candidate for the Head of Government.)

Born Edit

Lewis Fletcher was a single lawyer who get a child one of his lovers. This child was Xander. His mother left him in front of his father's house in Shippington when he was three.

Early Life Edit

His father raised him. He went to primary school in Shippington. He was a good student and he was a good debater already in his early life.

He went to high school in the Clamfeld High School and after the high school he went to the Clamfeld Republic University for Political Science and Political Media Studies in 4726.

Political Carrier Edit

He was there in the foundation of the Left for Progress Party with other thirteen people. In the The First Congress of the Delegates the delegates elected him to the position of Communication Director. This is an important position because the Communication Director is the supreme debater of the Progress. Furthermore if the Supreme Second-delegate resign then the Communication Director become the new temporary Supreme Second-delegate.

His first bill when he speak that the "Proposals from the Left for Progress Party (Candidates Debate and the question of Nobility". After this he attended a lot of debates and he become a famous politician.

Private Life Edit

He's girlfriend is Hannah Rutledge. He met the girl in the Clamfeld Republic University at 4728. They don't plan the marriage because the LP refuses the marriage.

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