Kingdom of Xsampa
Regions of Xsampa
Location of Xsampa

Government Dual religious monarchy
Grand Desi Bhuchung II
Sikyong Choezom Gyaltsen
Population 39,329,721 
Xsampa, formally known as the Kingdom of Xsampa, is a sovereign state in southern Dovani. It is bordered by Hanzen to the north, Kimlien to the west and Medina to the east. For most of its modern history Xsampa was known as New Mordusia as a result of colonization by Mordusia. In 2913 New Mordusia became a colony of Luthori.

Government and politicsEdit

Xsampa is a constitutional monarchy in which the Desi is the head of state and the Sikyong is the head of government. The country's legislature is the Xsampan Parliament and it is composed of two chambers: a Spiritual Assembly and a Legislative Assembly.

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