Yeon-an Jang-won
Magadonia, Dankuk
Basic information
Built 4464
Type Estate
Owner Sun Clan

The Yeon-an Jang-won (Kyo: 연안 장원; literally "Coastal Manor") is an 8.5 acre estate in the Magadonia Province of Dankuk, which is currently owned by the Sun Clan of Indrala. The modern property was purchased in February of 4466 during the Jianxiao Emperor's tour of Dankuk for $17,000,000.

The Yeon-an Jang-won is a spacious ocean view residence with a guest house, facing the coast. Each room is uniquely designed with its own theme, and are created so that all rooms have the ocean view. A modern resort style architecture is used for the outdoor pool and outdoor baths rotenburo, which creates an infinity view that leads to the ocean. The estate has a multitude of facilities including an outdoor pool, 2 outdoor baths, an indoor pool, mist sauna, stone sauna, treatment room, fitness room, jacuzzi, tennis court, golf simulator, home theatre with karaoke system, library, massage room, etc.

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