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The Star of David
Total population Est. 120 million
Regions with significant populations Beiteynu
Language Yeudish
Religion Yeudi (90%)
Atheist (8%)
Others (2%)
Related ethnic groups Pnték, Darnussians

The Yeudis are the primary ethnic group of Beiteynu and, in fact, the term is interchangeable with the denonym Beiteynueses. A characteristic of this ethnic group is that the majority of the Yeudis are followers of the Yeudi religion.


Yeudism is a religion originated in Cildania as a bi-product of the Qedarite exodus from Squibble. At the western edge of Seleya a split emerged in the travellers with some staying where they were, some heading through Kafuristan into south Majatra and the rest going through Al'Badara into North Majatra. Of those that went north a few managed to find their way to Cildania. At this stage in time most of them practiced pagan and animist traditions however when in Cildania a man named Ariel claimed to have spoken to God and founded the religion of Yeudism. Spurred on by this and the revelation of a young boy that a promised land awaited in the west they began their travels eventually arriving in Beiteynu. On arrival they soon began mixing with the few other humans around, at this stage thought to be proto-Pnték and the Beiteynuese ethnicity was formed.

Beiteynuese vs. Ehudi[]

A traditional Ehudi priest

Official statistics show that 90% of ethnic Beiteynuese are also Yeudish but this does not take into account how devout they are. However it is largely assumed that an ethnic Beiteynuese will in some way be an Yeudi.

Yeudism run on a system of matrilineality whereby all those that have an Yeudi mother are considered Yeudi.