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Total population 150 million (approx)
Regions with significant populations

Indrala 90 million

Dalibor 10 million

Jinlian 60 million

Language Indralan
Religion Gao-Showan Religions: 80%

Theognosian Church 15%

Other 5%

Related ethnic groups Đinh





Indralan people are an ethnic and national group native to Indrala, who speak the Indralan language. Closely related to other Gao-Showa people, the ethnic and national identity dates back as far as the 14th century and the United Indralan Commonwealth.


The Indralan people are believed to have descended from the original proto-Gao-Showans who crossed from their homelands in Dovani to the island of Dalibor and later to the island of Indrala. The Indralan identity began to develop in the Commonwealth period, known as the Indralan Golden Age, when an explosion of arts and culture as experienced. Several national heroes existed in this time and almost all of Indrala's most famous classical paintings and novels were created.

1920px-Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Banner.svg.png State of Indrala

瑩大磖國 (Indralan)
Yingdala Guo

History Historic Events: Blue Lotus Rebellion - Dawei Miracle - Southern Hemisphere War - War of Independence - Yu Restoration
Historic Periods: Mesing - Gemu-Teng - Qin - Talmu - Great Xinhan - United Commonwealth - Alorian Protectorate - Gongchang - Mingzhi - He - Yu
Important Sites: Heavenly City - Mengmai - Temple of Ten Thousand Bidars
Geography Natural Features: Anle Range - Baitian Valley - Fehua Bay - Ma-Gan River - Tebie Desert - Shengo Rock
Provinces: Han - Jiaozhi - Min - Anle - Shu
Politics Chief Minister of Indrala - Grand Assembly
Political Parties: Republican Party - Yu Imperial Union - Worker's Party
Demographics Ethnic Groups: Indralan - Kyo-Indralans - Dinh - Bianjie - Kunihito
Religion: Jienism - Guidao - Daenism (Mazdâyanâ, Zenshō) - Seodongyo
Culture Monarchy - Nobility - Sport
Economy Agriculture - Banking - Caizu - Industry - Jiaozhi Miracle - Mining - Tourism
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