City of Blooming Sharon
Federal City
City of Yonseo
City Insignia
City Insignia
Country Juche Gang Kyoseon
Province Flag of Myeoggi Magadonia
 • Body Yonseo City Committee
Population 9,694,200

Yonseo (Kyomal: 욘서) is a the capital of the Republic of Elijang and Reunii and the seat of power of the Blue House Commission. While legally Kyo, Yonseo is de facto the capital of Elijang and Reunii.

Geography Edit

Yonseo is located at the base of the central mountain range of the Dranian Peninsula. The area surrounding the city is quite hilly and heavily forested. Closer to the mountains there are many natural hot springs.

Wildlife Edit

Wildlife in Yonseo is mostly present in the outer areas of the city and the surrounding forests. Within these regions there are caribou and brown bears. Near to inland water bodies, puffins can be found in the region. Towards the mountains there are isolated populations of macaques. Native to northern Dankuk is the fjord horse, which was often used as a farm horse. Today, use as farm horses is less common, often limited to small-scale family operations, and more often they are utilized for riding, therapy, or tourism.

Economy Edit

Being the center of capitalism in Elijang and Reunii, Yonseo benefits greatly from its' partnership with Kazulian investors. It is considered by many as a gateway into Kyoseon that could otherwise not be accessed, and has been described by some as the only free city in Kyoseon.

The economy of Yonseo relies heavily upon tourism and retail with some light industry in the area of paper milling and beer brewing. Forestry was once a prominent piece in Yonseo's economy, however these activities have since moved out of the city's jurisdiction and into surrounding areas which remain quite rural and densely forested. The same is true of the agricultural sector of Yonseo, mostly revolving around beef products, which has also shifted to the rural outer areas of the city.

Yonseo Ice Festival Slide

Snow slide at the annual ice festival.

Tourism has a year-round importance to the city but it reaches it peak in the winter, the prime season for its ski resorts and hot springs. Yonseo is one of the largest tourist destinations of northern Dankuk and it is home to a number of hot springs and ski resorts. Every January, Yonseo hosts its annual ice festival, featuring musical performances, regional food vendors, and large structures constructed from snow, such as castles, slides, and mazes.

Culture & Entertainment Edit

Points of Interest Edit

  • Brenhines Street, a central shopping area
  • The Brenhines Department Store, owned by Mugunghwa Group
  • The Yonseo Beer Museum
  • The Yonseo Clock Tower
  • Y Cymoedd Castle

Events / Festivals Edit

January: Yonseo Ice Festival

Transportation Edit

Yonseo Streetcar

The Yonseo Streetcar

Within central Yonseo the city operations a tram network. There are two aerial lift lines that operate in conjunction with the ski resorts and hot springs. Yonseo is a main stop along the national Danrail high-speed railway that connects all of Dankuk.

Education Edit

Universities Edit


  • Northern University


  • College of Yonseo

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