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Area 180 960 square kilometres
Population 14 296 697 people

Zergon (officially the Republican Canton of Zergon) is one of the five regions of the Directorial Republic of Endralon.


Alt-Ginbár is in the Unholy Land, the northern geographical region of Endralon. So Alt-Ginbár's have ocean climate, with a lot of rain. It is a lowland, with greater or lesser hills. There is one larger metropolis, Zaošuma here what the most important centre of the zergonese population and canton capital. There is a historical important city also here, Sjevobala (the historically Fort Dukija) what was the centre of the House of Syldavia - this is now important tourist place. There is an another historical important place here, Maloselo what was the centre of the indigenous zergonese tribes at 8th century BCE. Furthermore there is an industrial city, Crndvorac what important Aircraft Manufacturing.


Main article: History of Endralon

This region was the centre of the ancient, indigenous zergonese tribes in the 8th century BCE. The indigenous zergoneses lived in a tribe federation called Pearl of Blue (zergonese: Biser plave boje). The flag of this tribes was the blue. The Pearl conquered by Emese, the Conquer and the Conquest Tribe at 680 BCE.

During the Interregnum, the People's Polis of Fort Dukija (zergonese: Narodni polis tvrđave Dukija) represented the zergonese identity. This city-state ruled all Zergon and other territories around Endralon. This city-state flag was the red-white squares.



The flag of Zergon is a red-white-blue flag with a white eagle in the middle. In front of the eagle there is a red-white squares blazon. The develop of the flag of Zergon is interesting. After the Interregnum, the zergonese nationalist movements use the red-white squares with a blue background. So, because of it, the red-white-blue became the national colors of Zergon. The eagle represents the nomadic lifestyle of the ancient zergonese people.

Country in the country[]

Zergon is an autonomous region in Endralon with the majority of the zergonese people. In this region, just the 10% of the population syldavian. The percent of the zergonese are 80%. The other 10 percent are kizenian, canrillaise, dundorfian.

If someone go to Zergon see country in the country. The official language in Zergon is the zergonese, the syldavian is just secondary language. The majority of the statesmen are zergonese. Some places in this region strong the syldavian-phobia and zergonese chauvinism. In Zergon, the people don't want to vote endralonese nationalist or patriotic parties because the majority of the population don't divide themselves to the endralonese nation. They like the internationalist and cosmopolitan parties.



  • Bistro trgova (downtown)
  • Muzej perli (downtown)
  • Syldavian Pub (downtown)
  • Factory Radnička pesnica (suburbs)


  • Kropow Castle (mountains, suburbs)
  • Ottovo drugo sjeldaro chairlift (mountains, suburbs)


  • Museum District (downtown)
  • Great Zergonese Field (downtown)


  • Central Aircraft Manufacture (suburbs)
  • Airport Zergon (downtown)