Zollism Zolkmé
The sacred sun of Zollism.
TypePolytheistic, Shamanistic
Theistic philosophyPolytheism, Ancestor Worship, Shamanism
Supreme divinitySky (Tanhri)
Major PantheonSun (Zolk)
Minor PantheonChosen Ones
Holy CityVrkzel, Vanuku
ScriptureTablet of Sky and Sun
Shaman KhanJuhnzés Dunkaisrmo Krlmékez
RegionVanuku, Barmenia
Founded~100 CE
Branched fromTanhrism
Liturgical languageClassical Brmek, Classical Wrnukek
Number of followers400,000 (est)

Zollism (Wrnukek: Zolkmé, Vanukeaans: Zollisme) is a shamanist faith that originated in modern day Vanuku. The religion is a further development of Tanhrism, where the sky is recognized as the supreme deity. Zollism states that the sky is the creator of everything but that the sun watches over all of mankind, selecting his very own Chosen Ones to bring greatness to their peoples.

Origin and HistoryEdit

The Jelbic nomads that settled in the lands of Vanuku, and partially Barmenia, found several settlements on the coastline from the old Qedarite Empire. The symbolism of Sol Lucidus with the sun and sunbeams, as well as the name “Sol”, stuck with many shamans of Tanhrism in Vanuku. Shamans began singing about the sky and the sun. Contrary to Tanhrism the sky is not spoken about as the lord of all, but more as the mother of all. The sun is recognized as her husband and it is only he who is involved with the people on Terra.

The new formed religion caught on quickly throughout ancient Vanuku as many powerful lords (Beks) adopted it as the true faith, rejecting Tanhrism. Tolerance was big amongst the ancient Jelbic lords in Vanuku, who cared little what others believed knowing that their faith must be the only true one. The decline of Zollism came with the reign of Merlkai Khan, the first Khan of the Banster. After his conquests on the Augustans he converted to Hosianism to avoid the wrath of future Emperors. Many of his subjects joined him, except the Krlmek in the west.

Today the faith is small, reduced to an estimated 400,000 followers. However, the old faith seems to regaining popularity amongst pure traditionalists and alternatives. These “new believers” see Zollism more as an alternative way of life than as a religion, seeing to follow it for the ancient traditions, relation to history and close proximity and respect to nature.


The supreme divinity of Zollism is the Sky (Tanhri). The Sky is the giver of all life, the mother of Terra and her people. The husband of the Sky is the Sun (Zolk), he watched over the people and picks one person every few decades to serve as his Chosen One, the Sun is seen as the most powerful god involved with the world. The Chosen Ones are the minor gods, they were once mortals but were selected by the Sun to bring their people to greatness, they can be compared to Hosian Saints. Several Chosen Ones are seen as mythological figures but a fair amount seem to be based on historical figures, primarily great warriors.


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