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Map of Zyldavia
Government type Region
Founded 3287
Delegates to the United Assembly 20
Official Languages Zyldavian, Kizenian


Largest city 'Mártírváros
Area 261,300 km²
Population 19,877,658 (3287)

Zyldavia (Kizenian: Sodali, Endralonian: Szevnghärzandeiren, Kuzaki: Sōdali) makes up the region of the Zyldavia River Valley, between the Egelion border and the Sodali Range that separates the province from Endrafold and Kutohaderia. One of the nation's largest city, 'Mártírváros, is located here - the city contains over half the Province's population, and unlike the nation's other large cities (Cetatea Albă and Tottori), it is not divided by a Provincial boundary.

Historically, Zyldavia was known as East Kizenia, divided from West Kizenia (now Tilarnia and South Kizenia (modern Tiania by the expanse of the Kuzaki Federation. Its relative isolation from the other Kizenian-speaking territories, and position nestled between Kuzaki and Egelion, made it a politically weak entity, and the most easily subjugated to Endralonian colonists. As the New Endralonians spread throughout modern Kizenia, they maintained their main base of operations at 'Mártírváros, as it was the best harbor on the nation. The legacy of this history includes the oldest standing Endralonian-style architecture in the nation, and the only portion of the nation with significant Endralonian-speaking enclaves, the traditional seven Endralonian cities (hence the Endralonian/Zyldavian name of the region, Szevnghärzandeiren - "seven citadels").

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History Western Meria Crisis
Geography Cetatea Albă
Politics Political parties
Demographics Ethnic groups: Kizenians, New Endralonians, Kuzakis
Religion: Kizenian Patriarchal Church - Ameliorate Church of Kuzaki - Independent Confessing Church of Kizenia
Culture Sport - Monarchy (Kizenia) - Armed Forces
Economy Dollar